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Uniting the United Nations  (nonfiction) Geo Economics / History


The United Nations rejuvenated a World on the verge of self-destruction. The 50 Charter countries had stable States, identifiable adversarial nations and countries on the precipice of economics and military destruction The UN was the right organization for tranquility thru diplomacy to enact the principles of civility.

This international entity has grown to 193 members with diverse problems in multiple regions. Therefore flexibility in directions and operations is crucial to maintaining order, healthy nutritional environments, au courant educational systems, as well as balanced trade and economics.

Accomplishing these objectives would be aided by a more regional based reorganization with a bottom to top concept of conflict resolution. 

Fishermen Secrets     Novel (Action / Adventure)


A group of modern mercenaries congregate in the American Jazz Bar located in a fishing village in Northern Brazil. Led by enigmatic Rembrandt H, their adventures in the emergence of Brasil as a economic power are chronicled. The bikini babe tourist attraction noted for enjoying the perquisites of wealth, being a haven for evading justice and spouses are examined. The historical backstory includes World War II, "the last honorable War" vignettes imparted by a veteran merc, Aussie Jericho Vaughn.  The pivital Battle of the Bulge and the mysterious disappearance of cultural icon, bandleader Glenn Miller are reprised via these reflections.

My Favorite Years   (a Short Story) T B D


A law school graduate struggling with Multiple Sclerosis moves to Chicago to receive a different approach to her debilitating illness from her bon vivant roué, prodigal father.  There are clashes of strong wills and even stronger egos as the father though enjoying the perquisites of renascent bachelorhood has demons to exorcise as well.  In the relentless quest for cures, they discover each other instead.   


Starting with a Doctor and Naan, Curry (a Short Story) T B D


A young MD from India on a shopping spree in Hong Kong with two socialite friends await the arrival of her fiance when they meet and dine with a renown artlfacts restorer / insurance investigator. The plane with the betrothed among the passengers crashes with all aboard presumed dead. Theories abound as the projected groom was a licensed pilot with a paramilitary background.  

Her uber wealthy father contracts the investigator for resolution when the plane or wreckage is not located.  The daunting spectre of Zhenge Lee, an international underworld kingpin looms ominously as a shipment of smuggled uncut diamonds was suspected to be in the cargo.      

Tangled Roots -The Other Side of the Hyphen (T B D)


Two young fast track professional women, one Black, the other White meet at a wedding and instantly become best friends. Their families have a close enduring relationship encompassing generations. The women decide to trace the origin of each other's family and find heretofore unknown contradictory twists in their diaspora.

The Last Stetson in America . . . .11:28 in TJ   (T B D)


A cross Central American chase begins in scenic Costa Rica and cumulates in provocative Tijuana Mexico. A young online gambling entreprenuer seeks and avoids the killers of his living in exile father, a witness protected money launderer and embezzler.

Love & Reflections (FALL PULICATION)


An assemblage of recipes, poetry, reflections and short stories by Richard e Hill. The acclaimed short stories, "The Election Everyone Won" and "Last Night, Night Before" are featured.


",too" A non-fiction modern Philosophy novelette  (T B A)